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Since 2001 Adrian has penned 100’s of features. Here you can find a small sample.

Get A Handle On Your Game

Get a handle on your game Obviously the ball only does what the club tells it, and you control what the club does ideally. How you hold the club and what you do at the grip or handle end decides what happens at the business end! The club head and club...

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The Zippy Pitch

Want to learn to hit new shots? We often watch a pro event and admire how the Pros get that ball to check up on that second bounce loaded with backspin. In fairness to the amateur golfer, they are playing from immaculate closely mown fairways to receptive...

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Learn New Shots

Want to learn to hit new shots? As much as we all desire consistency with our games you also have to realise golf is played over a varied and ever-changing environment. So, although we’d like a consistent swing, it also has to be adjustable to allow you to...

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How To Hit More Greens

Who doesn't want to hit more greens? Obviously this should mean more pars and birdies for anybody at any level. In this feature I compiled for the Today's Golfer March/April edition 372 I detailed the importance of developing a synchronised...

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Four Steps to Hole More 6 Footers

Statistically on the PGA Tour at 7' 10'' the Pros only hole 50% of putts at this length. When they get to 6'' they hole 65%, so this is a key area to improve your scoring average too. In this article for Today's Golfer magazine I show how by sticking to four key steps...

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Wonder Wall

Since the time golf has been played there has been a worldwide epidemic of players ‘coming over top’ or ‘casting’ the club in a fishing like manoeuvre. This is principally born out of the fact we play golf stood sideways to a ball on the floor- we may inherently try...

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10 Stupid Mistakes (And How To Stop Them)

In the May issue of Britain's best-selling golf mag, Today's Golfer, I teamed up with fellow Top50 TG coach Gareth Johnston to highlight ten of the most common errors the amateur golfers make. Unwittingly these common mistakes can occur by simply not appreciating...

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Game Improvers

If you are struggling with pitching? Pitching? putting? And Hybrids? The key could be controlling your angles of approach If you are struggling with pitching? Not sure how and when to play your hybrid? Looking to improve the contact and distance control on long putts?...

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