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Solid Golf Summer Offers 2019

Raise Your Game This Summer @with Fellow of the PGA Adrian Fryer  Looking forward to a summer of great golf? Why not take a look at some great summer lesson offers that will help you enjoy playing your best golf? Best wishes Adrian Buy your lessons online here...

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Solid Golf Winter Offers 2018

Raise Your Game This Winter @with Fellow of the PGA Adrian Fryer   Why not ask for a Christmas gift that will help you enjoy playing your best golf this coming season? Rose, McIlroy and Fleetwood are already preparing, why don't you? Best wishes Adrian Buy your...

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Bunker Magic

Bunker MagicIn my latest bunker feature, I show you how some simple set up tips can dramatically improve your chance of getting that ball out near the pin. Understanding how ball position, club face and shaft alignment can encourage you to produce more...

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AKI Swing For Consistency

AKI Swing For ConsistencyThe golf swing could be broken down into many many hundreds of components often confusing folk which swing ‘positions’ are relevant and correct.In reality we are all swinging the club in a circle which we needs to deliver the club...

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Match Up Your Club Face

Match Up Your Club FaceStudy the top ten players in the world and you will notice subtle differences in their grips, wrist hinge, swing shape and body movements. Producing correct and consistent impacts resulting in great ball control means matching up...

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The Putt Lob

The Putt LobSometimes whether you like it or not you’re faced a tricky lofted shot over a hill or bunker to a tight pin. This shot can put the fear of God into many but if you understand the loft is already built into the club and all you have to do is...

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