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Solid Golf Winter Offers

The internet is great for the odd tip and interesting content, BUT is it really tailored to your swing? Some tips help SOME people, SOME of the time! but not all of the people ALL of the time! Instruction has to be relevant to your tendencies and can be dangerous...

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Attention, I’m moving, but not far

SOLID GOLF IS MOVING AS OF MONDAY 14th AUGUST, THE NEW HOME OF SOLID GOLF WILL BE AT LIVERPOOL GOLF CENTRE Caldway Drive, Netherley, Liverpool, Merseyside, L27 0YB Dear friends & valued students After over six happy years coaching so many good friends, working...

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10 Stupid Mistakes (And How To Stop Them)

In the May issue of Britain's best-selling golf mag, Today's Golfer, I teamed up with fellow Top50 TG coach Gareth Johnston to highlight ten of the most common errors the amateur golfers make. Unwittingly these common mistakes can occur by simply not appreciating...

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Game Improvers

If you are struggling with pitching? Pitching? putting? And Hybrids? The key could be controlling your angles of approach If you are struggling with pitching? Not sure how and when to play your hybrid? Looking to improve the contact and distance control on long putts?...

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The Mind Factor Event with Karl Morris – 4th Apr 2017

LEARN TO SCORE AT THIS EXCLUSIVE EVENT TUESDAY 4th APRIL @ 7.00PM - 9.30PM TRUE FIT GOLF CENTRE £25pp (includes snacks/refreshments) Like golf coaches the world over our jobs involve helping golfers at every level get the very best from their game. Of course a good...

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Can you teach an old golfer new tricks?

It's never too late to improve. Let me ask you something? Do you think you know all you need to know to swing the club well? Are your swing habits too fixed to change? Can you teach an old dogs new tricks? Is change wasted on you? Not good enough to waste time and...

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